15 Jun 2022

TYNEMOUTH swimmers headed south of the water recently for the South Tyneside gala at Haven Point, and didn’t come home empty-handed with a raft of medals, PBs and some excellent performances.

In the nine years age group, Mason Sainthouse bagged two golds in the 100m backstroke and 200m breaststroke, a silver in the 100IM and bronze 200m freestyle, while Anja Schrocksnadel won a gold in the 50m butterfly, three silvers in the 100m back, 100IM and 200m back, plus bronze in the 200m free.

Elsewhere, Gabriel Rennison-Rae secured gold in the 100m free, a brace of silvers in the 50m fly and 200m free, plus a bronze in the 50m free; Betsy Blaney took gold in the 50m back; Hannah Fraser won three silvers in the 50m back, and 50m and 100m breast, plus a pair of bronzes in the 50m free and 100IM, and Oscar North took home a silver from the 50m breast.

Thomas Northey led the way amongst the 10-year-olds with a fantastic four gold medals, from the 50m, 100m and 200m back, plus the 50m fly, and added a silver from the 400m free and a bronze after the 200m free. Beatrice Hawkins took gold in the 50m breast; Millie Torre took silver in the 50m back plus bronze in the 100m breast, while there were bronzes apiece for Francesca Moir (40om free) and Harry Ripley (50m free).

The 11 years age group saw Sophie Robson bag a silver double in the 100m and 200m back, plus a bronze in the 400m free, while James Fraser took a bronze home after the 400m free.

Jinghan Zeng hit his fellow 12-year-olds for six with gold medals in the 50m free, 50m and 100m fly, 100m and 200m breast, and 100IM, plus took a silver in the 50m back and bronze in the 100m back, while Annie Harrison bagged a bronze hat-trick from the 100m and 200m breast, plus 200m back.

Among the 13-year-olds, Kajetan Guzikiewicz took three silvers in the 50m and 100m breast and 50m fly, plus bronze in the 100m fly; there was a silver apiece for Olivia Willis (50m fly) and Anna Johnson (100m breast), while Jai Diddee took three bronze medals after the 50m breast and 100m free.

In the 14-plus age group, Matthew Chandler (15) took gold in the 50m breast and silver in the 100m breast; Joseph Chandler (15) secured a silver in the 50m fly, plus two bronzes in the 100IM and 200IM; while there was a bronze apiece for Isabel Cuthbert (14, 200m breast) and Matt Stewart (15, 200m breast).

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