About TASC Masters

Masters swimming is essentially swimming for over 18s. It encompasses casual fitness swimming to highly-organised competitive swimming. How far you want to take it is up to you.

Tynemouth Masters/Seniors squad embraces swimmers of all abilities with the twin goals of keeping fit, and supporting those who want to swim at a competitive level. Seniors (18-24) include our university students and all those who want to continue in swimming. Masters (25+) are all the rest of us oldies!

Several of our existing Masters swimmers still compete regularly at galas and open water events, whilst we have many multi-sport athletes who use our squad sessions to hone their swimming skills. Essentially our Masters squad is split into 3 main areas:

  1. Swimmers training for Pool competitions
  2. Swimmers training for Open Water, Triathlon or other multi sport events
  3. Swimmers training for Technique Improvement or for Fitness benefits

Fees are payable by monthly via one of two subscription offers, see the squad fees page here for more details. All Masters swimmers will need to be registered with Swim England as a Tynemouth swimmer, while there is also a club membership fee - these are yearly fees which we will invoice for upon joining the club and then once each year that you are a member. 

If you wish to join in with our Masters sessions please complete a club registration form.

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