Club Discipline and Codes of Conduct

Tynemouth ASC aims to encourage a fun and friendly environment to try and maximise enjoyment and development in swimming. However, it is also the club's responsibility to ensure that members understand the important of safety in a group environment. As such TASC utilise codes of conduct, club rules and a disciplinary procedure to ensure the safety of all our members.

Codes of Conduct

All coaches, teachers, volunteers, swimmers and parents should make themselves with our codes of conduct:

Club Rules

In joining the club all members have agreed to be bound by the Club Rules.

TASC Club Rules.pdf

Disciplinary Procedure

The procedure for complaints and how they should be handled is outlined in the Club Rules.

For swimmers involved in sessions they should adhere to the code of conduct at all times and, in the event that codes of conduct are not adhered to, TASC operates under the guidance of their disciplinary policy.

TASC Disciplinary Procedure.pdf