Child Protection Policy Statement

Tynemouth Amateur Swimming Club believes that the welfare of the child is paramount and abides by Swim England’s Wavepower policy and procedures. The club’s policy is to ensure that every child, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability, has the right to be free from abuse. This abuse covers all aspects be it neglectful, sexual, emotional or physical in nature.

The club operates a no-bullying policy. This includes bullying by parents, coaches or other children. Amongst other things, the policy aims to ensure that unrealistic expectations are not placed on any child.

The Club has a named Welfare Officers, Jacqueline Robson and Neil Payton. Jacqueline and Neil can be contacted through the contact us page or using details published on the club noticeboard. The club also publishes the details of Swim Line and encourages any member who has a welfare concern, within a swimming context, to report it.

The club has fully incorporated the ASA guidelines on child protection into this policy. A copy of the ASA Procedures and Guidelines can be obtained from the Clubs website or the club’s Welfare Officers.

The aim of the club is to:

  • Maximise the potential of all swimmers in accordance with their own wishes.
  • Ensure that all individuals who work with children and vulnerable adults in the organisation, whether paid or voluntary, provide a positive, safe and enjoyable experience for children.
  • Ensure that the welfare officer’s name and contact details are known to all staff, members and parents of members.
  • Ensure the welfare officer is available to discuss issues of concern on matters of safeguarding and deal with such concerns appropriately and in line with Wavepower.
  • Ensure that all individuals who work with children and vulnerable adults in the organisation have the appropriate training, code of conduct and good practice to follow in line with the guidance in Wavepower.
  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained appropriately and in line with the best interests of the child or vulnerable adult.
  • Ensure all information relating to child and vulnerable adult safeguarding matters are held in a safe and secure manner.
TV, video and close range photography

It is the club's policy to follow A.S.A. guidelines in relation to the use of video, or close-range photography. These guidelines are available on the website or from the club’s Welfare Officers.

From time to time your children may take part in events at which photographic, or video equipment is used. We would ask any parent who objects to photographic or video images being taken of their children to ensure they have updated their consent preferences within their Swim Club Manager account.

From time to time video equipment is used as a training aid - the committee will need to be informed of any objection to this.

Welfare Officers

If you have any question about the above, or indeed any issues in relation to child protection in swimming please contact the Welfare Officers, Jacqueline Robson and Neil Payton.

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