TASC Club Championships

These are normally held in December each year and are open to ALL swimmers, as long as they have been members of the Club for at least 90 days. Qualifying age is age on 31st December of that year.

Events entered are based on a swimmer's age:

  • under 9's swim 25m in each of the 4 main strokes
  • 9 - 10's and Masters swim 50m in each of the 4 strokes + a 100m indivdual medley (ie 25m in each of the strokes)
  • 11 - 12's swim 100m in each of the 4 strokes + a 100m IM
  • 13 and over swim 100m in each of the 4 strokes + a 200m IM

Trophies are awarded in each of the age groups under 9's, 9's, 10's, 11's, 12's, 13's, 14's, 15's and 16 and over.

There are also Club trophies which are awarded to the highest points scorers in each of the age groups; points are accrued on the basis of 6 points for a first place to 1 point for a sixth place. Additional trophies, the Emmy Jade awards, are presented to the fastest boy and girl over 50m butterfly.

The Swimmer of the Year, and Young Swimmer of the Year trophies are presented to the boys, or girls, who have accumulated the most points over the course of the swimming season, September to August.

The Club tries to arrange the Xmas party/disco for the evening of the Championships and the Club trophies are presented to the winners at this event. Trophies are held for one year before being returned for the following year's Championships.

All members of TASC are invited to swim in club championships where they are capable of swimming their events. Swimmers must have been a member of the club for at least 90 days to be considered for a Club Championship Trophy. 


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