Squad Fees

Invoices are raised on the 25th of each month. You need to set up a direct debit for payment of fees - see direct debit set up guide. Direct debits will be claimed by the club around the 1st of each month and include a 1% processing fee. The direct debit should leave your account within 3-4 working days.

Please note that squad fees are paid 12 months per year for squads PA, PB, CY, CA, CD  and SD. For all other groups billing is over 11 months.

The annual club membership fee is £33.00 for swimmers. This is collected on an annual basis in September. This is a non-refundable payment if a swimmer leaves partway through the year.

If a swimmer joins during the year the annual club membership fee will apply:

Joining Date

Annual Club Membership Fee

1st September 1st to 31st December 


1st January to 30th April 


1st May to 31st August


The monthly fee depends on the squad your child/children attend. Masters can take advantage of our subscription offer.

The table below shows squad fees as of 1st September 2021:


Group/Squad Monthly Fee

Processing Fee

Total Monthly Payment

Performance A




Performance B




Competitive Youth




Competitive Age




Competitive Development




Skills Development








 Group 6




 Group 5a – c




 Group 4a - b




 Group 3




Group 2




Group 1








Introduction 1-2













Annual club membership fee of £10.00 is paid at the point of joining the club and then is payable in September each year thereafter. This is a non-refundable payment if a parent/guardian leave the club part way through the year


In line with the Club’s constitution, annual club membership fees will be waived for those who volunteer for the club and for teachers and coaches.

Swim England Affiliation Fees:

All new members will be expected to pay the Swim England Affiliation Fees for the calendar year of their membership. This is a one-off annual fee which covers the period 1st January to 31st December and is not retained by the club. Swim England are currently offering 50% discount on affiliation fees from the 1st January to the 31st December 2021: 


Category 1

Club Train

Non-competitive swimmers

Tadpoles, groups 1 – 6 and Sprint Squad, Masters and Triathletes

Category 2

Club Compete

Competitive Swimmers


SD, Comp Yth, Comp Age, Comp Dev, Perf B and Perf A

Category 3

Club Support

Non–swimming members


Volunteers, officials, coaches, teachers, lifeguards etc.

Swim England Fees:




N&D Fees:




NE Region Fees:








Please note: In line with the Club’s Constitution Swim England Category 3 Affiliation fees will be paid by the club for volunteers, coaches and teachers.

Category Descriptions:

  • Category 1 members are non-competitive swimmers
  • Category 2 members are competitive swimmers
  • Category 3 are non-swimming members

Please Note:

  • All affiliation fees will be collected by direct debit or electronic payments
  • Only swimmers automatically become affiliated members of the club.
  • Non-swimming membership will be welcomed from those parents and guardians who volunteer for the club in some capacity. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of becoming a non-swimming affiliated member of TASC please click here.


Join TASC as a Non-Swimming Member

Any swimmer that joins Tynemouth Amateur Swimming club will be registered with Swim England as an affiliated member of the club. This membership only applies to the swimmer and does not automatically extend to parents and guardians.

TASC welcomes member applications from any non-swimmers who wish to volunteer for the Club and become affiliated members.

TASC also welcomes member applications from parents and guardians of swimmers who wish to become affiliated members but can not commit to volunteering for the club.

What does being a member mean:

Being a member gives you the right to vote at any TASC Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM). This means that you will be able to vote to select committee members and have a say on how the club operates in terms of the Constitution. Committee members are the custodians of the club, who work hard to keep the club running and, most importantly, make the decisions that directly impact the quality of the swimmer’s development, opportunities, and experience.

As a TASC member, you also become a member of Swim England, the national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming.

Swim England membership benefits include:

  • Being part of the Swim England family (over 198,000 members)
  • Insurance cover: civil liability, legal expenses and personal accident cover
  • 25 per cent discount on TYR kit and free delivery
  • Discounts on a range of swimming challenges and open water events
  • Exclusive Swim England and British Swimming ticket offers
  • A member’s newsletter with regular offers and events information

Find out more about your benefits and to view the Swim England website, click here.

How much does it cost?

  • Volunteers - The Club Constitution advises that the Annual Club Membership Fee will be waived and the Swim England Membership Fee will be paid for by the club for all volunteers.
  • Parent/Guardian Membership – Annual Club Membership Fee of £10.00. This is paid at the point of joining the club and then in September of each year thereafter. This is non-refundable if a member leaves part way through the year. In addition, to become an affiliated member a Swim England Category 3 fee is payable at the point of joining and then in January of each year thereafter. This is currently £5.20 (2021). This is non-refundable if a member leaves part way through the year.

How to become a TASC member

Anyone wishing to volunteer or become a parent/guardian member can submit an online membership application. Please ensure you fill out the 'Extra Details' section to indicate in which membership capacity you are joining the club.

If you wish to join TASC and help shape the future of our fantastic swimming club then please register now.