Not all the equipment below is required by every swimmer in TASC, the squad coach will advise you which of the following you will need. As a general rule swimmers in teaching group 6 only require swimming costume, goggles and a cap (optional). Once swimmers reach group Skill Development or above then they will need additional training kit such as listed below.

  • Costume / Trunks - an obvious one
  • Goggles - it's a good idea to have two pairs incase the elastic snaps on one.
  • Cap - essential for swimmers with long hair, they come in an almost unlimited styles and designs. Offical club caps must be worn at competitions.
  • Kick Board - foam float that is used for kick sets to help develop leg strength and stamina
  • Pull Buoy - a foam float that goes been a swimmer legs, used for arm only training sets
  • Hand Paddles - plastic paddles or gloves that increase water restistance when swimmer, ideal for strength and stamina training
  • Fins / Flippers - these are gernally specialist training fins the help build leg strength and stamina
  • Snorkle - a specialist snorkle that goes over the top of the swimmers head and is used to help improve stoke technique

This is by no means an exhaustive list of equipment and your coach may recommend other items that can help your training.

Some club kit items can be ordered here or login to Swim Club Manager and go to Club Shop.