TASC Club Rules

These rules are laid down by the Club Committee as guidelines on how the club operates, how members of the Club are expected to manage themselves whilst on Club premises, and whilst training and competing at other venues under the auspices of Tynemouth ASC.

These rules are subject to change at the Committee’s discretion without reference to the members. Any changes will be notified by statements on the Club notice boards and other communication channels, e.g. club newsletter, website.


1.1       The Club colours are Royal Blue and Yellow. T-shirts, tracksuits and swimming caps bearing the Club logo are available from the swim shop.

1.2       Swimmers are expected to wear, when not swimming, Club T-shirts at all galas and time-trials, and must wear Club swim caps when competing for the Club.


2.1       There is an annual Club subscription fee payable by all swimmers. The rate for this is set annually by the Committee. The annual fee is split into 11 equal amounts and added to the monthly squad fees.

2.2       The Club operates several squads and the fees are calculated according to squad sizes and the amount of training time provided for each squad. Refer to the Club website for details of current fees.


3.1       Monthly Club fees are due at the beginning of each month, with the exception of August when the Club is closed for summer recess.

3.2       Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), Northumberland & Durham (N&D) and ASA North Eastern Region (ASANER) fees are due on joining and in January each year. Relevant ASA fees for non-swimming members, i.e. volunteers/helpers, are paid by the Club.

3.3       No refunds will be made in the event of pool closures preventing normal training sessions from occurring.

3.4       During August the club may run ad-hoc sessions that swimmers can attend. A charge is made for each session that a swimmer attends during August and this is added on to your September invoice. You will be advised of the cost of this before the sessions.

3.5       No concessions will be made for payment of fees for swimmers unable to attend training due to illness or holiday regardless of the length of time. Members reserve the right to cancel their membership as per rule 3.6

3.6       Members must give 1 months written notice (either by letter or email) to the Tynemouth ASC Membership Secretary should they wish to cancel their membership. During this cancellation period they can continue to be involved in all club activities.



4.1       Details of each squad’s planned training sessions are displayed on the club website, but are liable to change. Where sessions are cancelled, particularly at short notice, every effort will be made to contact the swimmers affected; members should therefore ensure the Club has various forms of contact details for swimmers and parents/guardians; e.g. home phone, mobile phone(s), email address. All members should have a login to swim club manager where you can update your details.

4.2       Unless agreed otherwise by their squad Coach, a swimmer is expected to attend all the scheduled training sessions. Prior knowledge of expected absence should be notified to the Coach where possible.

4.3       Swimmers should arrive at poolside 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the session. Under no circumstances should a swimmer enter the water until told to do so by their Coach. They must also ask the Coach’s permission before leaving the pool for any reason. When moving between the pool and the changing rooms, swimmers must go direct from the changing rooms and not go via the entrance area.

4.4       A swimmer must comply with any instruction given by their Coach. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action being taken against the swimmer in line with the club’s disciplinary policy.

4.5       Under no circumstances is any swimmer to use, or play on, the diving boards located at the deep end of Tynemouth Pool. No swimmer may dive into any pool used for training unless instructed to do so by their Coach.

4.6       Swimmers under the age of 11 must not be left at the pool by their parent or guardian while the swimmer participates in the training session.


5.1       The Club has two notice boards located at Tynemouth Pool; one at the bottom of the stairs on the way to the small pool, and one at the end of the small pool spectator area. Swimmers and parents are advised to check the boards regularly for any notices that may affect them.

5.2       Under no circumstances are notices to be removed without permission.


6.1       It is a swimmer’s responsibility to arrive at a gala before the stated warm-up time. They should report to the Team Coach(es) who will record their arrival and advise of any notices the swimmers should be aware of. Swimmers must wear a Club t-shirt when not swimming, and it is advised that they stay together as a group. This will allow the Team Coach(es) the opportunity to further communicate any changes at short notice.

6.2       The Team Coach(es) will endeavour to organise swimmers so that they don’t miss any event, but it is the swimmer’s responsibility to be present when required.


7.1       If any person believes they have a legitimate complaint against any official or member of the Club, they should approach a member of the Committee, who if unable to advise personally, will endeavour to put the person in contact with someone able to help.

7.2       If the matter cannot be resolved in this way, then the complaint should be put in writing to the Club Secretary, who will bring the matter before the Committee at the next meeting.

7.3       If any swimmer, or parent/guardian, believes they have a legitimate complaint about any aspect of a swimmer's coaching, they should first discuss the matter with the relevant Coach and attempt to come to an amicable agreement.

7.4       If the matter cannot be resolved in this way, the Head Coach (or a nominee designated by the Head Coach) should be approached who will then hear both sides of the problem and attempt to resolve the matter.

7.5       If verbal discussions have failed to achieve a satisfactory outcome, a written complaint should be made to the Club Secretary, who will then bring the matter before the Committee at the next meeting for resolution.

7.6       No complaint will go before the Committee unless submitted in writing. The Committee will discuss the matter at their earliest convenience, but not more than twenty-eight days after receiving the complaint, and shall give their decision, in writing, to the person(s) concerned as soon as is practicable. The Committee may request the complainant and any other relevant person/s to attend the Committee meeting to explain their views. Any person under 18 requested to attend a Committee meeting MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


8.1       In line with ASA policy, all mobile phones should be switched off whilst on any premise used by the Club. The ASA Commissioner will seek to prosecute ASA members who fail to obey this regulation.

8.2       Under no circumstances is photographic equipment of any sort to be used whilst on any premise used by the Club. If any member wishes to use photographic equipment for any purpose whatsoever, they must seek the authorisation of both the Club Committee and the owners of the premises.


9.1       There is now a single entrance to the changing areas from the school corridor which is used to access the facilities. This leads to a viewing area as well as to the changing rooms.

9.2       The changing rooms contain lockers – these require a (refundable) £1 coin for operation. In the past there was a 30-minute changeover period between swimming sessions – this is no longer applicable so swimmers are advised to store personal possessions in the lockers when using the pool.

9.3       Neither TASC nor Benfield Sports Centre will be responsible for any item which goes missing when the facilities are used.

9.4       Sports bags should not be taken on poolside - however it is unlikely that the large TASC swimming bags will fit in the lockers provided.

9.5       As there is no changeover period between sessions, it may be that there is a swimming lesson in progress when our Club members arrive. This means that there may be parents etc in the viewing area. All our members are expected to behave in an appropriate manner which is not detrimental to the image of the Club.

9.6       After changing, swimmers should remain in the changing area until any current session has finished. No behaviour which could disturb the session in progress will be tolerated.

9.7       After swimming, Club members should proceed quickly, but safely, back into the changing areas. All items of equipment and drink bottles must be removed by the owners.

9.8       Swimmers must not enter into conversation with the coach, or engage in any other activity which prevents any following session from commencing.

9.9       Parents/spectators are NOT allowed on poolside at any time (subject to emergency evacuation below). Only the coach and lifeguard are permitted to enter the swimming pool area.

9.10      Any reports of misbehaviour received by the Club will be investigated and any miscreant disciplined accordingly. This applies to swimmers and spectators.

9.11      There are two emergency exits from the swimming pool area; one is the door leading into the school corridor and the other is at the deep end of the pool area. In the event that the area needs to be evacuated then proceed to the nearest (or safest) exit in an orderly manner. Blankets are being provided for the use of swimmers.

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