What is the Junior League?

This is more commonly known as the Diddy League and is often the first gala where swimmers compete in individual and team events against other clubs. 

The competition is always fun, exciting, very competitive and very, very loud with a mixture of individual and team relay events. Points for each event are awarded to clubs based on the position they achieve in each race and these points contribute to an overall team score. This is one of the only events where we compete as a team for points and not medals.

Teams from all over the North East compete in the Diddy League vying for the title of Junior League Champions. The league consists of 3 divisions and teams are promoted and relegated between the divisions depending on where they finish. Tynemouth ASC are currently in Division 1.

The top six teams in each division get to swim in the finals which take place in September.

The Division 1 winner represents Northumberland and Durham in the Northern final which takes place in October. Usually the top 4 in the Northern final qualify for the National final which is always held on the last Sunday in November.

Each gala lasts about two and a half hours – quite an achievement to fit in over 50 races.

Each team selects swimmers to represent them for each age group (9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds). Teams are made up of 4 girls and 4 boys in each age group. This does sometimes change as swimmers can swim in older age groups. 

Each gala consists of 4 individual races (freestyle, back, breast ad fly) in each age group for boys and girls, 2 relay races freestyle and medley and the last swim is the Canon where 1 boy and 1 girl from each age group compete in an 8 person relay team.


  • For Division 1 clubs only – 9 years olds is age on the last Sunday in November. So any swimmer who becomes 10 anytime after this is a 10 year old Junior League Swimmer
  • For 10, 11 and 12 year olds it is age on 31st December.

Training Days

At TASC we are very passionate about preparing the swimmers for the Diddy League and often hold additional training sessions for them.

For 9 year olds particularly it is important that we prepare them well and develop a strong team ethos.

Parents will be notified of training sessions that we are holding for eligible Diddy League swimmers as and when they are arranged.

It is worth noting that these training sessions are in addition to a swimmers normal group/squad sessions and are free of charge.

Team Selection 

Our aim is always to have our fastest team swimming in the final in September.

To help us select the fastest team, we believe in providing as many swimmers as possible the opportunity to compete in the qualifying heats. 

Swimmers attendance, attitude and their performance in training, at competitions and time trials and in Diddy League swim offs are what we base our selection on.

At TASC we understand that it is very disappointing for swimmers who do not get selected especially where they have previously completed for TASC in one or more of the heats, but ultimately this is fairest way to select the team. 

Competition Days/Expectations 

All swimmers must travel to and from Diddy League galas on the bus provided by TASC.

Parents do not travel on the bus with the team but they are encouraged to come along and support their child and the team.

Swimmers are supervised at all times by experienced coaching staff and team managers and younger swimmers are buddied up with older swimmers to help them on the day.

During the galas swimmers must remain on poolside at all times, from the warm up to the results being announced following the last event. It is a very fast paced competition with very little time between events, and we don’t want any swimmers to miss their race.

Swimmers will be shown a Team Sheet before the gala so they know which events they are swimming in. 

On poolside swimmers will be told when they are swimming and in which event. They will be directed to the correct end of the pool.

What swimmers need with them

  • Tynemouth ASC club t shirt
  • Club swimming costume
  • Goggles
  • Towels
  • Drinks
  • Small snack (no nuts)

The club will supply swimmers with

  • A Diddy League swimming hat
  • A club track suit

Our Junior League History

2017 Northumberland and Durham League Champions
Northern Final – 4th place
National Final – 7th place
2018 Northumberland and Durham League Champions
Northern Final – 3rd place
National Final 4th place
2019 Northumberland and Durham League 3rd Place

Gala Dates 2020

TASC are not competing in the first gala so our first gala will be February 29th at Tynemouth pool.
  • Sunday19th January 2020 – Stanley
  • Saturday 29th February 2020 – Tynemouth
  • Saturday 30th May 2020 – Tynemouth
  • Sunday 12th July 2020 – Middlesbrough

Gala Results 2020