13 Oct 2021

This is to inform all members that the Tynemouth ASC Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday, 14th November 2021 at 6pm. The AGM will be held inside the Dance Studio at Tynemouth Pool.

The AGM is an important part of the management of the club, it allows the current committee to review the year and discuss any important issues with club members.

The AGM is also an opportunity to appoint volunteers over the age of 18 who act as officers of the club as part of the committee for the coming year. Anyone wishing to put themselves forward for a position on the committee must be seconded by a current TASC member and, if elected, will become members of TASC themselves (if not a member already).

The club welcomes nominations from ANYONE wishing to join the committee and be involved with helping to run the club. We will email out electronic nomination forms to all those registered with the club, whilst a nomination form is also available to download and complete here. Anyone wishing to put themselves forward for a position on the committee must be seconded by a current TASC member.

 The committee are all volunteers and are responsible for the smooth running of the club. It comprises of an executive committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and up to 9 other committee members. Being involved means attending a committee meeting once each month and helping to make and action decisions in relation to the ongoing running of the club.

If you wish to make a positive contribution to the club, please do put forward a nomination - we welcome any and all help we can get. If you have a particular skill set that you feel would be suited to helping manage the club, or want to have a say in how the club is run, then please submit a nomination by Sunday, 24th October 2021.

All are welcome to attend the AGM however, only current members may:

  • recommend resolutions to be discussed
  • vote if necessary

Please see the important dates below:

Deadline for proposed resolutions for AGM

24th October 2021

Deadline for member and committee nominations

24th October 2021

AGM agenda, accounts, proposed resolutions and committee nominations sent to all members

31st October 2021

AGM (Tynemouth Dance Studio, 6pm)

14th November2021


All proposed resolutions and committee member nominations must reach the Tynemouth ASC Club Secretary by the dates above.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to talk to a committee member or email the club secretary – [email protected]. For those unsure there is a ‘Who’s Who’ section on the website here - Who's Who

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